Ortho Tools

Only: £82.65

Specially designed to allow easy access for cutting lingual wire ligatures after tying in the archwire.

Only: £82.65

For removal of the appliance at the end of treatment.

Only: £82.65

Cuts arch wire flush so patient doesn’t suffer from wire poke and at the same time securely holds the cut end of wire.

Only: £17.70

Used to place the cut ligature pig tail into the inter-proximal area for patient comfort.

Only: £63.95

With it’s secure grip it is used for placing and tying steel ligatures.

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Only: £12.50

To hold elastic ‘o’ rings - two pairs required.

Only: £121.25

For making a 90 degree bend in the end of the archwire so it falls in the inter-proximal area for patient comfort. Also used to bend the archwire to prevent it escaping the molar tubes.

Only: £82.65

Perfect for use with Secret Smile